Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Looks like Labour are pouring millions into google.
But it raises in me strange feelings, firstly I don't want no stinking money burning adverts on my site, especially the Labour party, thats worse than if the BNP advertised here, and secondly, well, I think a 10% cut in spending is a great thing, 20% would be even better.

And clicking through to the Labour website tells us that a 10% cut in spending would mean thousands fewer police officers. Here, read this story about how it took eight officers to arrest a cyclist or this one about police teaching primary school children to recognise terrorists or this story about a Police chief spending £3,500 on a chair for a poetry prize.

So, aye, I reckon the police could easily have their budgets cut, I would support such an endevour.

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  1. you've got a good one showing now:

    Government Debt Loophole
    Could You Qualify? Try Our Free 1 Minute Debt Test & Find Out!

    Maybe we should send the link to the Chancellor!