Thursday, 2 July 2009

Names of the dead in Iran

The Guardian has a database/spreadsheet app collecting the names of the dead and detained in Iran. Just over this morning since its been online its accumulated a couple more names, photos and information.

The names of the dead are as follows:
14th June
Fatemeh Barati
Kambiz Shoaee
Kasra Sharafi
Mobina Ehterami
Mohsen Imani
Mostafa Ghanian
15th June
Mehdi Karami
Hossein Tahmasbi
16th June
Mohammad Asgari
18th June
Famil Tahmasebi
19th June
Naser Amirnejad
20th June
Ashkan Sohrabi, 18
Kaveh Alipour, 19
Neda Aghasoltan, 26
25th June
Yagoub Barvayeh, 26
Date not reported
Shalar Khazri
Farzad Hashti
Kianoosh Asa (abducted 15th June, body found 25th June)
Saeed Abbasi, 24
Bahman Jenabi
Fatemeh Rajabpour
daughter of Fatemeh Rajabpour

Wikipedia still has it that there were 28 confirmed deaths, and 150 unconfirmed.

Hmm, The Guardian's spreadsheet doesn't have the names of students they reported on the 15th June.

Of those we know the ages of, they're same ages as people who were killed in the Gaza conflict at New Year. Don't grown ups die?

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