Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Morning blogulation - Tue 14-Jun-09

I wake up, I switch on the puter, I shower and breakfast, I wait for the puter to finish booting, I read various blogs.

These are posts that have caught my interest this morning

Charlotte Gore on Fascism in Teh Guardian
Old Holborn has the video of a chap arrested after two minutes of Free Speech
Englishman's Castle on more windfarms, could be cheap
Ambush Predator is annoyed with Gravesend Council
Capitalists@Work covers military helicopter procurement
Burning Our Money covers UK dimishing defense spending
The MOD are bringing kit back from Iraq
UK Bubble snipes at the Labour government's effect on Personal Indebtedness
Tim Worstall gets shirty with the Charity Commission
Mark Wadworth on lowing income tax to raise rents to bring back McDonalds
Obsidian's World covers the new mafia wars in the North West


  1. oh for the good old days when you could optimise start-up via "Autoexec.bat" and "Config.sys" tweaking!

  2. I'll swear it's July.