Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Blog stat pron - June

Good afternoon and welcome to my regular first day of the month blog traffic stats review. According to google analytics, for June, this blog got:-
938 Absolute Unique Visitors
1,969 Pageviews
Compared to May's
921 Absolute Unique Visitors
2,027 Pageviews
Uniques are up from last month, but pageviews are down. Statcounter reckons I have 1,547 Unique Visitors, about an eighth of what Constantly Furious gets. Statcounter has me getting an average of 61 pageloads per day, down on last month so the target for July will be a more realistic 65 ppd.

I think its the dips in posting at weekends that have let me down a wee bit. you're going to have to put up with that, cos I ain't giving up the missus.

Feed metrics:
12 subscribers - GoogleReader (up 1 from last month)
3 subscribers - Bloglines (same as last month)
3 followers - Blogger (same as last month)
These are my top referers for June (not including google wanderers)
1. Facebook - 109 visitors (up 20)
2. Twitter - 63 visitors (up 3)
3. Longrider - 24 visitors (up 2)
4. EUReferendum - 23 visitors (up 9)
5. Mark Wadsworth - 16 visitors (down 33)
6. UK Bubble - 11 visitors
7. Daniel 1979 - 10 visitors
8. Bloglines - 7 visitors
9. YouPorn - 7 visitors
10. Rob Fisher - 6 visitors
So referrals are down last month, Facebook and Twitter are both up a wee bit, shameless whoring to blame there. Over there I've turned into one of these marketing bores.

Lets take a brief moment to consider which were the most viewed posts during April.
1. Facebook ChainRxn graphs and hints (152 views)
2. Names of the dead in Iran (117 views)
3. Facebook IQ test gubbins (71 views)
4. MPs self-published expenses (41 views)
5. Facebook Scramble graphs (38 views)
6. Guide to doing animations on Windows Movie Maker (33 views)
7. Origami instructions (29 views)
8. Updated ranking libertarian blogs (26 views)
9. Songkick ranking (24 views)
10. Names of the dead in Gaza (21 views)
Somewhat frustrating that folk don't give a damn about my opinions, well, they're crap anyway, its just the factual and informative posts that get the most hits, graphs and stuff.

Thats it for June's blog stat pron. If there's any other metrics you want to know about this blog, let me know in the comments.

I'm going to have to try my own kind of gear change if I want to really jack up my stats, I'm going to have to try something different again, post different things. God knows what.

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