Sunday, 5 July 2009

Desperate Times - Desperate Measures

I have a plan, its not much a plan, barely even a cunning plan, but its a plan.

The past eight months in London have been pretty crap on th job hunting front. Its not getting any better, its not getting any worse, but its spectacularly unsuccessful, so I'm changing my strategy to one which in the past has been more successful.

This evening I intend to go to the Ballboy documentary thing at The Roxy, take a few photies, scribble a few words, then head home, have a shower, change into my shorts and a vest, pack some food and my smart working clothes, then drive to Glasgow. Tomorrow noonish, I get changed, use some spray to smell nice, and pop into the old job agency I used to use on Holm Street, and see if they have any work.

Then go for a coffee, or even better, sit in the park and read a book. Later in the afternoon I go back to the agency and ask if they have anything. In the evening I'll drive my car to a quiet bit of wilderness and sleep til the morning. The next day I'll pop into the agency again and see if they have any work.

This process will continue until they slot me into their rota and provide me with gainful employment or Friday arrives and I have to drive back to London to sign on and go to the Twee As Fuck alldayer on Saturday.

Granted its not much of a plan, and there are a few gaping holes in it, I'll miss my attractive young ladyfriend sorely, but hopefully it should be a more lucretive endevour than staying here.

I think I'll need to pack a razor too, and a towel.

So I have between now and the Ballboy documentary to get finish a couple of job applications I've started, but abandoned distraught halfway through.

I'll need to pack my car chargery thing for my phone.

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