Tuesday, 17 March 2009

West Hampstead Thameslink Footbridge

There used to be a neat blog, London Connections, that had fanboy details of all renovations and stuff on the London Underground and trainish transport projects, but the lad running it stopped last year. And there's nowt about it on Going Underground, I guess this bit of London transport blogging falls to me.

So, at West Hampstead Thameslink, they've put up a new footbridge, and it's got these towery bits for presumably elevators so the station gets disabled access to all platforms.

For the past few weeks, as I walk past on my way t'Job Center, I noticed they were digging up the nearside platform, digging holes and filling them with concrete and metal things. Exciting stuff. And then wham! I wander past on Monday and there's this ruddy great bridge there.

It must have been a heck of a sight to see them craning it in.
West Hampstead Thameslink
Anyhoo, The Camden News had announced that the council granted planning permission for it back around 26th February, so its all in order I guess. Not sure about Stefan Hoffart's claiming the bridge overlooks his dining room, that side of the stariway is all boarded up.

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