Friday, 6 March 2009

The end of sterling

I understand that the Bank or England are cranking up the printing presses and churning out money. This devalues the old pound sterling, its kind of the same economic measures that Robert Mugabe was taking in Zimbabwe.

Not that it makes much difference to me, I have no money, I just have debts. I'm vaguely aware that in olden times debt was theft, it was a dishonest accumulattion of wealth. Not so in 21st century Britain, I have overdrafts and credit cards, so that makes it all okay them.

Right now I am unemployed, for the past ten years I have been paying National Insurance and now I am claiming it back in Job Seeker's Allowance. Anyhoo, that doesn't help my debts, they remain constant.

As the pound devalues my debts become less.

We need alternative currencies, here are a couple we can try out.
Big Mac - Sold all over the world and a concrete thing that you may or may not consume (price taken from Brent Cross branch)
GoldGrams - Units of gold available from GoldMoney
Minimum Wage Hour - whatever you earn for one hour's work at minimum wage
JSA week - one week's worth of Job Seeker's Allowance.

Their values are as below in current pounds sterling, I suspect this will change over the coming weeks.
  • Big Mac - £2.09
  • GoldGrams - £21.18
  • MWH - £5.73
  • JSA - £60.50
Or in McDonald's Big Macs
  • GBP - 0.48 Big Macs
  • GoldGrams - 10.13 Big Macs
  • MWH - 2.74 Big Macs
  • JSA - 28.94 Big Macs
I'll check up on these in the coming weeks to see which is the most stable currency. Not quite sure how to measure stability, but hey, I'll have a think and it'll all be okay, aye.

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