Monday, 16 March 2009

Ladder climbing

Aw man, there was this point last year when a video I'd made was featured on Boing Boing, and then a few months back a map I'd drawn got me a link from Devil's Kitchen, thinking back there was that time Hugh McLeod (of cartoons drawn ont he back of business cards) linked to my art site and R Stevens (of DieselSweeties) covered it too.

I get this huge warm fuzzy feeling inside when blogs I read every day link to me, I dunno, its a little more fuzzy feeling inducing than when random blogs do it.

So t'other week I got a blogroll link from Behind Blue Eyes, which was nice, he does politicing things.

But aye, last week my BBC sea level rises graph was covered on EU Referendum, which had me skipping all over the coffeeshop, its one of my favourite blogs, and then this morning I rise to discover Iain Dale's covered my blog in his regular ten new blogs post where he describes ill & ancient as an 'attack blog'.

I think that's better than a right wing blog, but not as cool as a swear blog. I think if it was blog chess, it would be equivalent to a rook.

Anyhoo, I'm not sure why, but Iain Dale links to a specific post, this on tagging the nationalities of bands, back at the start of March. My database of bands is still expanding, currently with around 300 acts, quite a few submitted by folk using the form on that blog post.

Someone keeps submitting AC/DC as a Scottish or British band. And whilst there's no denying that some band members were born in the Scotland or Gateshead, the wikipedia entry clearly states that they are an Australian band.

I'm still trying to find bands genuinely from the West Bank or Gaza Strip, hopefully with tracks on iTunes, but alas, I fear there are none.

In Iraq there used to be Acrassicauda, but they don't live there any more.

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