Thursday, 26 March 2009

Money Saving Idea #1 Grow your own garlic - week 7

I've gone off young Darren a wee bit, he's seems a bit peely wally compared to his brethren. He's doing well though, I'll give him that, seven weeks old and still healthy.

Nearby The Twins are growing fine, although the one on the right seems to have spawned with another wee shoot coming up next to him.

Garlic - The Twins - 26-MAR-2009

Much the same can be said about young Sharon, the hussy, she's mighty tall and strong now and has likewise acquired a wee chum just poking up through the soil.

Garlic - Sharon - 26-MAR-2009

Exciting news down in the garden. My flatmates have been weeding and planting and mulching, putting a new layer of top soil over everything, but there's a small colony of my ground-based garlic still going strong. At last count I had twelve sprouty dudes. That's like a few months worth of garlic when I pick them.

When should I pick them?

Anyhoo, the other exciting developement is that one of my potatos has sprouted. Two little chaps sticking their heids out. Joy! I'm going to have to think of names for them, or just one name cos its from the same potato?

Potatos sprouting

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