Thursday, 19 March 2009

Money Saving Idea #1 Grow your own garlic - week 6

Looks like young Darren is still growing. He's a bit darker than his peers, but I see this as a sign of strength.

In the years to come I'm going to have to do a family tree of all the different garlic bulbs I've got and what happens to their offspring, so when I start selling 'Gilmour's Organic Garlic' you can order exactly who you want.

There's going to be a lot to chose from. I was a bit worried the other week, that some of the bulbs I'd planted were duds, but they're all going hunky dory.

The twins have now sprouted and are looking all healthy and everything.

Garlic - The Twins - 19-MAR-2009

And young Sharon, even she's looking good

Garlic - Sharon - 19-MAR-2009

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