Friday, 6 March 2009

Job Vacancies - update

The latest from

Job vacancies are still falling, but not as steeply this week as previous weeks. In fact its only down 1.63% on last week. Reed now reports 111,248 vacancies on it's books.

This extrapolates out to 436,587 job vacancies for the UK.

The latest figure we have for unemployment is 1.92 million, so that 4.4 people per vacancy.

Thrilling stuff.

Here's a wee bonus graph showing how vacancies on have changed over the past three weeks by sector.

I knew you would.

So graduate jobs have fallen by around 20%, management, sales and accountancy all fall by around 10%. But hey, look at that, temp jobs have stayed pretty much constant. That's gotta be reassuring for some people. But looking at the actual jobs listed, they seem to be mostly teaching positions. Not something I'm qualified for, but maybe you.

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