Thursday, 19 March 2009

Job vacancies update - 19-MAR-2009

Its Thursday, time for another job vacancies update.

The number of jobs listed on is still falling, for a few moments at the weekend it looked like the drop off of vacancies had levelled out, but alas, nope.

So its only a fall of 1.16% from seven days ago, but if you extrapolate this up to some made up number of total job vacancies in UK as previous described then there about 426,816 jobs out there, ignoring the new stories a few days back which lead up to believe there were only 200,000 job vacancies in the UK.

Also using figures from, here's a graph of numbers vacancies for the five largest categories of jobs.

Graduate job vacancies continue to fall, 45% since I started tracking them. That's probably mostly a seasonal thing. Management job vacancies have fallen by around 20%. Its kind of scary that temp jobs remain at about the same level they were a month ago, which makes them the largest sector of the job market, I guess this is just a symptom of the national insecurity we're facing.

The Spectator CoffeeHouse blog has a piece on how unemployment is rising, but from the unemployed side of things, its how job vacancies are falling that I find more interesting. Its not a case of people not looking hard enough for jobs, if only it was. There just aren't as many jobs out there.

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