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UK Web & Mini Comix Thing 2009

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Hi, my name is Chris Gilmour, the artist formerly behind the spectacularly successful art website 'Naked Chicks on Post-It Notes', earlier today after a morning's protest marching, I took myself along to the UK Web & Mini Comix Thing at Queen Mary University in Mile End as a wanderabouterer.

There were lots of people there and I was feeling pretty quiet, but oh there were sights to be seen.

I was accosted by a chap offering sweets and trying to sell a comic called My Name Is Chipmunk, it seemed quite cool, some young and nubil superheroine fighting crime in a latex costume, and then having a shower by page 17. Not much in the way of a website to link to though.

There was a stage at one side of the great hall and some kind of question and answeer session going on, but with broken microphones so no one in the audience could hear anything. Or maybe it was just me going deaf.

So many tables set up selling comics and things and stuff, I tried to find something familiar to hold on to and stumbled upon OddFish, its this hilarious webcomic full of truly dreadful puns told between the two main characters of Lovecraft the octopus and Howard the pufferfish. Its drawn in a rather warn pencilyshady kind of way.

I could have sworn I saw Saz of t'internet, but kooky comic people all look the same. The whole homemade vibe going down was breath taking.

Last week I tried to brief myself of which comicy folk would be there and what their work was like. My Cardboard Life looked cool online, but then to see the actual comics were really card glued on paper, that was beautiful.

I think I saw whoever draws Bunny, but I didn't linger for too long in case some kind of conversation started.

On the stage were tables set out with paper and felt tips, so I drew a few naked chick drawing from memory, but I got scared that people might see them so I hid them under piles of comics, and tried stalking people.

According to the program websitey thing, John Allison from Scary Go Round was there, but I could place his table. Then I overheard the chap who previously drew the Beaver and Steve webcomic mention that RStevens who does Diesel Sweeties was there, so I did a few more passes of the tables until I'd located him.

Very shocked to discover that Clango has feet, but we chatted briefly and I bought socks.

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