Saturday, 28 March 2009

G20 Protest marching

G20 Protest march - London

Why was I there? How can I go on a protest march with my right-wing frothing-at-the-mouth libertarian capitalist views?
  • Well, I've got this fancy-pants Blackberry which allows me to take photies and upload them to Flickr in one go and it seemed like a prime opportunity for such things.
  • I am a victim of the credit crunch which we were lead into by the incumbant government.
  • I always go on protest marches.
  • Its a free country innit? We have a right to protest, don't we?
  • The march was in aid of many different causes, some of which I agree with.
There were a load of people, not quite as many as were at the old anti-war march in Glasgow in 2003 and Make Poverty History 2005, but a load of people. Lots of different organisations all with their own banners and t-shirts and stuff.

The police presence wasn't quite as agressive as we'd been lead to expect from the media, I saw one or two vans full of polis waiting incase trouble kicked off.

G20 Protest march - London

But no walls of riot-gear chaps, just basically stewarding duties really, and a couple of polis photographers.

G20 Protest march - London

I wandered along with the procession for most of the route, taking a break around Green Park to stop in a pub, and check t'internet. It was a little worrying when I emerges ten minutes later to find the march had split into two, seems like the advance mob were charities and stuff, and the second mob were trade unions.

Its a shame that there was such a mixed message at the march, some many different voices, all asking for different things, some contradictory, all clammering for attention.

Aw well, at least it didn't turn as violent as the polis had predicted. Shows that we can;t trust the polis's predictions for these things.

Rest of my photies here

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