Tuesday, 1 July 2008

me and she

In a discussion about that "I'll let you know later in the week" thing, Killiedaft neatly found a post I'd put up back in 2001 as a result of the Shag Times venture. It gave a neat breakdown of the hundred girls I'd met and how our relationships didn't flourish. Its a neat snapshot of the time.

It took me an hour or so, but...

For the past seven years, why me and she didn't work out the reasons are thus:-

29% were friends
25% were too far away
21% just didn't get on
18% had boyfriends
4% kept on vanishing only to reappear months later
4% clearly insane


  1. Oh most of this mob were clearly insane, its just the relationship didn't work out for other reasons

  2. you've got a rounding error - tallying to 101%?

    maybe there's an additional message in there.

  3. Rounding error,

    hmph, maybe a pie chart would have been more appropriate

  4. Aye the 18% with boyfriends, me and the girl didn't work out cos she was seeing someone else, started seeing someone, chose someone, etc.

    Is that an exotic and weird situation?