Wednesday, 2 July 2008


The plan for the naked chicks site, it was never a definite plan, set in stone. Like I said to ReverseCowgirl its more like a journey, its evolved as I've been doing it, but occasionally there has been a plan.

Make a successful niche blog, impress the MacGuffin, go for dinner, live happily ever after.

I keep forgetting the lesson of Hugh MacLeod, successful blog doesn't mean you get the girl. And to set that as a main pillar of the plan is a recipe for heartache.

So the new plan, the new plan is World Domination

1. Make the site the most popular on in the world by the Technorati Rankings
2. Get books published and a images on post-it note shelf in Waterstones
3. Dominate the world

I think I'm going to try to do these things in sequence, so to race up the technorati rankings, its not too difficult, only ten squares of the chess board. And each square ain't too difficult, its not easy, but its doable. Heck, TinyNibbles is only three squares away and she set the blogosphere on fire.

I think some careful targeting of links is in order.

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