Monday, 21 July 2008


So, of course, like the rest of the entire world's population, I regularly search Facebook for ex-girlfriends. Most I'd found, but there were always one or two who just didn't seem to be out there anywhere.

But now, I think the last two have turned up. Judging by the number of friends they have, it looks like they haven't been on Facebook for long. One of them's married, that's like the first married ex-girlfriend I've had. I think I need a cup of coffee to digest what this means.

I can't seem to find the rules anywhere for how soon after an ex-girlfriend has signed up to Facebook I can try adding them to my Friendslist. There's probably some formula based on how long its been since you spoke to them last and whether you parted cordially.

X = length of time on Facebook before adding them to friendslist
Y = time since last spoke to them
c = cordiality of parting (-1 to +1)

Perhaps its.

X = (Y/(10*(1+c))

Ooh, only eight months then.

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