Wednesday, 9 July 2008


Cables assembles, they're giving me headaches. I have an irrational aversion to them or something. For almost four weeks now I've been unable to deal with them. I've spent days gazing at them. Measuring, counting, reasearching, but no progress is made. The cable making company, stand tapping their watches angrily.

In product A there are six cables:- cab001, cab002, cab003, cab004, cab005, cable006

In product B there are three cables:- cab001, cab002, cab007

Cable lengths have changed, we have lengths of each in stock that are wrong.

We have drawings for most of the cables, but I'm not sure what the lengths are.

The guys here can make the cables themselves, but it takes time, and its much more efficient if we pay the cable making guys to make them up for us instead. It makes the whole problem go away But we have to tell them exactly what we want so we don't end up with boxes and boxes of cables we can't use.

The cable making company have already quoted for making some of the cables, not all of them, just some of them, but the lengths and connectors on the ends of some the cables have changed.

Its not just a case of cutting a bit of wire to the right lengths. That's just one stage. There are six stages
  • Cut wire to correct length
  • Strip the end to bare wire
  • Attach crimp connector to one end
  • Attach crimp connector to other end
  • Attach crimp connector to crimp housing on one end
  • Attach crimp connector to crimp housing on other end

My brain doesn't work. For four weeks I've been gazing at these things for a couple of hours a day. And my brain doesn't work.

I spend a good few days trying to get a fresh brain to take this away from me. Its not very complicated or technical. But alas, its too technical for anyone else.

My brain doesn't work.

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