Sunday, 29 June 2008


I think I know the ways of women, but sometimes I have doubts, so dear readers of the blog, atoms of the graph, denizens of the spreadsheet, I ask you this...

Occasionally I ask a girl out for coffee or the cinema or dinner. Many girls, not at the same time, but regularly, about once every month and a half, the oscillating wave of my self-esteem reaches an apex where the ability to ask is open to me.

The answer is consistent. A polite no, "would love to but I'm busy," followed by "maybe later in the week, I'll let you know."

Its taken fiften years, maybe even sixteen, I doubt seventeen, but that wold be the limit, its taken fifteen years for me to realise what this means. The girl never calls back later in the week. I think this means I should never call again, in fact to be on the safe side, I should avoid ever seeing the girl again, if necessary, move house, change jobs, leave the country. It has been done.

But I have my doubts.

Maybe I'm wrong, and I could call later in the week, and try again, rather than wait for the girl to do so. Its not that the ball is in her court, cos we're not actually playing tennis.

Maybe calling later in the week isn't even the solution, maybe it should be an immediate response after the initial knock back, "Friday then, I'll meet you at eight".

Readers, what do you think?

And whilst there's only a few of you, a dozen at most, and your opinions may be flawed, how can I pose this as a single line question for a poll on my other site, for the ones there who see me as dark, isolated and lonely. Unless the caveat is that they want me to stay that way.