Friday, 18 July 2008


Dear blog,

I went to a gig last night, it was okay, the three bands were kind of twee, Electrophonvintage, 'Allo Darlin' and Lets Whisper. It was nice music.

I said hi to two people and drank three pints of Guinness whilst stabbing at my mobile phone to avoid making eye-contact with people. Photies Itook of the show are on flickr here. They're not very good, but that's on purpose, I don't want to be someone who takes good photies, I knew those people.

It was the final gig of the experiment Fiona suggest and as mentioned here. The conclusion is that having my hair cut made absolutely no difference. Maybe my prejudice affected the results, but that ought to have been factored into the terms of the experiment. It wasn't "Getting a haircut generally improves the chances of pulling", it was "If I get my haircut it will improve my chances".

Its not a wee design issue, its a fundamental process problem, no matter what colour you paint the damned thing.

So as I add haircut to the list of bad bad ideas from friends, and whilst slightly warmed by Fiona's failed attempt, I pull my hood up tighter, and lurk further at the back more broodingly.

Suggestions warmly welcomed for what to do next.

Many thanks


Chris Gilmour


  1. i didn't think i'd like your haircut but i do
    yeah, i know, shut up and leave you alone.
    working on that. and i'm not good at it

  2. ...Neat reconfirming that my haircut has made no difference to my situation.

  3. ok, that's a funny way of looking at it, but also a hilarious way of looking at it.

  4. Sorry Marti, thas the way I look at it

  5. why be sorry? it makes perfect sense. i guess i was just hoping that something would have changed for you, in a good way.
    maybe you got a laugh out of it, then the effort of making the change would be worth something