Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Went jogging last night, would have been with Fiona and my flatmate but they were pratting about for too long and I'm a restless soul.

For some reason I can't sustain running for more than 19 minutes, I just reach it and get a stitch or for whatever reason have to start walking. Still, it passes the time and sure beats sitting on the internet all night, sobbing into my keyboard.

I was driving into work this morning and after hearing some woman on the radio describing how her husband who had cancer died at home, at the age of 51. I got it in my head what I'd do if I had cancer at a youngish age, probably think fuck it, forego any treatment and just die. There ain't no loved ones to nurse me and Axelle and Fiona's line about me 'finding someone in the end', they're clearly fools. Postponing the inevitable death in the unfounded hope of finding a soulmate seems a bit futile.

Wonder what's doing tonight. There are gigs tomorrow night, Camera Obscura and WeePop, but tonight, I think it might be back in the tracksuit again.


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