Monday, 2 June 2008

Oh woes

My nuddy site got sod all hits last night, usually it pushes a thousand over night, but in the past nine hours it barely broke triple digits.

Its kind of stalled, I've lost interest in the graphical representation of the female form, porn just ain't doing it for me any more.

Needs more interaction, needs more traffic from other blogs. Maybe I missed the passing of the blogosphere. Apart from the obligatory London Bloggers, none of my friends have updated blogs any more. So instead I have to rely on random traffic, at some point it rolls and I get links. Well, its not really reliance, the reliance thing is more on other sex bloggers and photography, which I find a little intimidating, but its kind of cool, dangerous and exciting.

No comments about yesterday's post on dating yet, apart from from the chap sat next to me who'd also told me to sign up to Soulmates a few weeks back.

Who are you people reading my blog? Do I know you? And how well, like are you friends of friends off of the internet, or girl I knew several years ago? You're not Arlene are you? That would be weird and cool. Or Shiva, I haven't seen or heard from Shiva for years. Lisa?

In other news, the wee contest I was having with Mehrdad about who's site could get more traffic to my one handedorigami videos. Looks like the nuddy chick army gave me a resounding victory. Momentary warm fuzzy feeling, slipping into melancholy.


  1. As far as I can make out, most blogs are read by people they in some sense know, whether in real life or through the virtual world, which is how I know you.

  2. I'm just someone who used to be at school with you.

    Endlessly fascinating in a horribly voyeuristic way.