Monday, 2 June 2008

Who would?

Its a little flattering and at the same time scary, people searching google for Chris Gilmour's diary and then finding it. Wouldn't be so worrying if people left comments saying things like "Hey its's Shiva/Lisa/Arlene/etc, was wondering what happened to you, we should go for coffee, email me at shiva/lisa/arlene/etc@hotmail/google/" or whatever. Or add yersel to my Twitter feed. But nope. Just this feeling of a goldfish bowl like existance, living in the matrix, doing party tricks to keep folk entertained.

So.. here goes

One of the most important lessons learnt from ex-girlfriends was from the ex-wife, I think her phrase was "I don't care what the fucking spreadsheet says, we're not going to start going out again."

Which is a shame cos I did the coolest spreadsheet ever this morning.

Other cool spreadsheets and graphs include the one I sprung today when a coworker said "All you ever talk about is...".

Actually no, I talk obsessively about several things and if you look carefully at this pie chart, there are things I talk about far more. Messageboards for instance, I'll accept that at 25% of the time I'm 'always' talking about messageboards.

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