Sunday, 29 June 2008


There's a weird thing about the lines on the graph. Its always about lines of the graph for me, even if ther egraph doesn't really exist, if its just hypothetical like my MacGuffin, the girl I still dream about. Purely an instrument to guide me.

Anyway, the graph of website stats, visit to this site. Its mostly the same people. On the graph, returning visitors are in orange and the orange proportion is about 90%.

I can break it down to IP addresses. Some of them I label, deduction and detective work to figure out who they are, or who they are likely to be, these folk who check several times a day. NHS in Nottingham, someone in Liverpool, the handful of people in east London, Glasgow and the central belt.

But generally, traffic is increasing, both the same people checking more often, and new people checking more regularly.

Last week, was both bad and good. I lost a couple of days just freaking out in front of my puter, all day at work, ranting and raving and swearing. No use to anyone. But the lines on the graph still went up.

Still criplingly lonely. Dark, isolated and lonely.

I gotta get out more, but already I go out too much.

I'm wondering what the hell happened last Sunday, how the gig at The Windmill felt so oppressive and the gig at The Enterprise felt so life-enriching. Folk at each that I'd known for just as long. Folk I'd known from the same places, but the vibe so different. Folk I love at both shows and folk I hate at both shows, but still one gig was great and the other crushed me.

The line goes up.

On the other graph, the imaginary on, the line trundles on near the axis, sometimes rising a few units, before sinking back to the axis.

Who are you and why are you so quiet?

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