Sunday, 28 February 2010

The impending doom of 6Music

When I first heard about the impending closure of 6 Music I was somewhat saddened, they're one of the few stations to play tracks from my beloved Plimptons, and half the indiepop band whom I religiously follow. But on the other hand I rarely listen to 6 Music.

After reading reactions and comment online I realised that I was part of the music industry, I only wanted to keep 6 Music as a means to promote my own interests, rather than cos I liked listening to it. I was The Man, the enemy, in the wrong.

So today I read on Sharpey's Opinion piece
that the station itself is not as important as the content it carries – if Radios 1 and 2 were more like 6Music, we wouldn’t actually need 6Music any more.

And aye, that resonates, I only used to listen to Radio 1 for John Peel, Radcliffe and Riley, DJ's who are long gone from Radio 1 in it's pursuit of the younger listener who I imagine enjoy being shouted at.

Whenever I listen to the radio these day's its in my car, and its Radio 4, everything else sounds like just indeterminate noise.

This youthiness of Radio 1 isn't the state of British culture right now, its just the whims of the Director General, it could go any way if he wanted it to.

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