Friday, 12 February 2010

Give me my internet - part 5

- In which Vodafone try to win -

I would be able to respond to comments and surf messageboards if I had a decent internet connection, but I don't. I just have my BlackBerry, good enough for writing email blogposts and a wee bit of surfing, and that's it.

I was poised the other afternoon, poised to phone Talk Talk and cancel my installation with them, when out of the blue, my mobile phone rang.

It was a nice chap from Vodafone, chasing up my customer experience after having signed up for a line with them.

I explained I didn't have a line with them and then retold my ongoing saga of trying to get online.

On hearing I was having trouble finding a Vodafone shop with mobile broadband dongles in stock, he said he could get one delivered to me the next day, and since they already had all my details it was as simple as a simple thing.

In less than 24 hours I could be wired!!!

In summary, out of three attempts Vodafone win once, 33% success rate, and great customer service at last.

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