Friday, 19 February 2010

The graph on my bedroom wall

Leg Iron has been doing a series of posts about the state of the government's finances. Its all well and topical, but I'm not the government and I can't affect government spending at all, apart from by not paying taxes and not collecting my working tax credits.

My own finances are a bit crap at the moment, those months of unemployment and living off my credit card were pretty damning, but I'm all employed up now and on the road to recovery, its all a matter of spending less than I earn.

To help me in this endeavor and to focus the mind I have drawn a graph on my bedroom wall.

It shows the level of my current account at each day of the month. It's a game, as long as the line is higher than it was that day the previous month, then I'm winning.

If the line's running lower than then previous month, then I'm losing and I have to stop spending for a few days.

Its working, the line keeps going higher and higher. My debts are still huge, but I'm getting on top of things.

Looks like I'm more financially smarter than the British government.

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  1. could you not just use MSMoney or Quicken?