Friday, 12 February 2010

Give me my internet - part 4

- In which Talk Talk almost wins but fail -

The was junk mail in the post from Talk Talk. In my squad there are phone sockets in most of the rooms, they have NTL branding, god knows what provider they're on now. All I know is that it isn't BT.

The junk mail inspired me, so I gave them a ring, thinking landline broadband was next on my voyage of internet connection discovery. The bumf said they were cheap, only £6.99 a month for t'internet, also line rental of £11.99 a month and £59.99. So that would be a total of around £72 to get online.

The chap on the phone said they'd send an engineer round at the start of next week, and then it would be four or five weeks later when the Broadband service would start.

Not quite the instant broadband I was hoping for, but bank details handed over and the future secure.

Alas two days later I get a text message from Talk Talk saying the engineer would be round at the start of March. By my reckoning that means I wouldn't get online for the best part of seven weeks, that's no good.

So in summary Talk Talk were just too slow. One fail out of one attempt, success rate 0%

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