Thursday, 11 February 2010

Give me my internet - part 3

- Vodafone round two fail -

I kept the faith in Vodafone, after the early success of passing their worthiness test, I kept the faith.

It was about a week later, instead of heading to Harrow once more, thought I'd phone up to see if they had any mobile broadband dongles in stock. A reasonable desire you might think, but alas, fail.

Google via BlackBerry gives no clues to individual branch phone numbers so I ended up calling the generic customer services line and spoke to a gentleman.

I explained I just wanted to know which shops nearby had stock of the dongle, but he suggested I just buy one online.

I explained that if I could get online I wouldn't need to buy a mobile broadband dongle as I'd self-evidently have internet access, and asked if he could check which shops nearby had them in stock, Harrow, Watford or Kings Cross.

Again he explained that the online shop would have them and even read out the web address.

I hung up in despair.

In summary, out of two attempts Vodafone failed twice, success rate 0%