Friday, 12 February 2010

Give me my internet - part 6

- In which Talk Talk don't get it -

So Vodaphone's dongle was whizzing through the postal system to me. I just had to cancel my installation date with Talk Talk.

They'd sent me a text massage saying an engineer to connect me up weeks and weeks in the future, that was no good, I need my google reader, I need my facebook, I need my RedTube!

So I phoned the number in the text, and after a few exchanges reached their cancellation department.

Why would I want to cancel, they asked.

Cos I signed up thinking it'd be four weeks and it turns out I'd have to wait seven weeks to get online, Vodaphone would have me wired with mobile broadband in less than 24 hours.

They could understand my frustration, I was told, and would I stick with Talk Talk if they waived the £59.99 connection charge.

Weel, that is a significant ammount of money but its beside the point, I want to get online as soon as possible and seven weeks ain't good enough compared to 24 hours.

Ah, but, I was told, with Talk Talk I could get download speeds of 2 megs a second comapred to Vodafone's mobile broadband which is slower.

Weel, I countered, if I wanted to download 2 megs, with Vodaphone it before the weekend's out, with Talk Talk, I would take months.

The woman on the phone got quite snooty at this point, but the connection speed is faster.

No, seven weeks is not fast.

But we'll wave the connection charge. Its cos we use BT open reach engineers and when phone lines are down cos of the cold weather, that takes priority over what the salesman told be the other day.

Don't care, waiving the fee doesn't give you an excuse to bore me with your bureaucratic problems.

Right, I'll just cancel your installation now.

Thanks, that's very kind.

Talk Talk fail.

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