Sunday, 27 December 2009

Tied to the 00's #11

So way back in 2004 at the first Bowlie Alldayer, I'd somehow negotiated my way into playing. So it was that my first ever gig in London was a sell out show at The Pleasure Unit in Bethnal Green.

From memory my setlist was mostly songs about ex-girlfriends and girls who I fancied. It was a little bit nerve racking cos Jax was in the audience. Luckily no one was really listening to me, just clapping and cheering politely between songs. John Waz from the Gresham Flyers recorded it all, it sounded okay later, well, not as bad as I envisaged.

From memory the setlist was:-
  • Naked (about some girl who I'd never seen naked, but wanted to)
  • Lets Get Worse (about some girl I went out with in Glasgow)
  • Bacon Sandwich and Vokda (about teenage love and IRA bombs in Manchester 2006)
  • September (about some girl I used to go canoeing with)
So, that was the start and end of my London live career. Thank god.

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