Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Bookcase Dreams - Ikea Flarke discontinued

I am distraught.

Ikea have discontinued their Flarke bookcase. I was planning on buying eighteen of them for my new flat. One a week, for the bargain price of £14.99 each, until all the walls in my flat were clad in Flarke bookcases. But alas, they've been discontinued after I have amassed only one.

I wanted just matching bookcases, and whilst Ikea have many different ones, the Flarke is the only full height one I can fit in my car.

I'm very conscious of the price of petrol, vastly inflated by tax and fuel duty, so I have a very small and fuel efficient car, the Smart car. The Ikea Flarke bookcase is the only full size one that will fit in my car, that is, would have fitted in my car before it was discontinued.

Now buying eighteen bookcases may have been an insane plan, but it was inoffensive and achievable. And I reckon I could easily fill them all.

Here, this is my one sole Ikea Flarke bookcase.

The top shelf is populated with rock biographies, the next shelf down has fiction, then graphic novels, then novelty books that family buy me for Christmas and birthdays and books what I have written myself and finally the bottom shelf has non-fiction.

I reckon across the the country I have another three large boxes full of books in various storage facilities and then there's the matter of my CD, vinyl, cassette tape, DVD, VHS and reel tape collections which would look just grand on bookcases. I reckon to keep interior designers happy I could have put in a few ornaments, house plants and loudspeakers on the bookcases too.

But alas, this will now be very difficult. I have no larger vehicles to transport larger bookcases, I have no money to hire a larger vehicle and purchase a job lot of bookcases. My bookcase dreams have died.

I was distraught wandering round Ikea. Their cheapest sofa is the Klobo at only £89.99, to make up for the loss of my dream I thought to buy it, as a step up from sitting on cardboard boxes, but then I realised it was also too big to fit in my car, not to mention I can't afford it.


  1. When is the housewarming party?

  2. Some time in the new year I guess

  3. Instead of buying 18 bookcases why not sort through all your stuff and see what you don't need. Then sell and giveaway and donate them.