Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Tied to the 00's #10

Back in the day, back in Glasgow when we were all friends and we used to do stuff, once or twice we all piled into the cars of people who had cars and headed up to Loch Lomond. We'd potter about on the shore, building fires, and prod them with sticks, whilst waiting for other folk to turn up.

Actually, I think it only happened twice when there was loads of us, the other times was just me and a girl. Still, those were the days, were they not?

This photo's from 2004 according to the metadata, seems a bit early in the decade. Robbie in the foreground is poking a fire with a stick, I think King of Partick is crouched on grounded blowing on his fire. I'm wearing my old Utah State Buckeye's t-shirt and the kind of neat jacket that I found outside the Halt Bar at Christmas 2003.

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