Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Just Joans for New Years No 1

I started a facebook group to try to get The Just Joans song 'If You Don't Pull' to number 1 in the pop charts for New Year.

There are 30 members already and that's just in a few hours with Facebook status updates and a few Twitter updates.

To be honest I'm impressed with 30, the next milestone is 50, then 100, 200 then 500 and so on.

I'm pretty sure the song is on the iTunes Store, but I dunno if its possible to link to it, all the 'puters I have at my disposal don't have iTunes on them. There's no proper video on YouTube, just the track playing in the background to Rowan's robo-spider-dog. So its almost like shooting ourselves in the foot for stickiness, its just a wee esoteric thing. If anyone who hasn't heard of the Just Joans and 'If You Don't Pull' wants a listen, they're gonna have to do some investigating.

I reckon there's still more pimping I can do. Once the membership gets over a hundred I could start prodding DJs, and there's a couple of budding journo's and bloggers who could cover it.

According to wikipedia, before the download revolution, the lowest selling number one was Orson with around 10,000 copies sold. There's little data on how the lowest selling hits compare now that downloads are included. So whilst every member of the Facebook group may not purchase it, if the group membership gets into the ten of thousands, then its just about possible.

Nah, maybe not, realistically that Joe X Factor chap is unbeatable for a second week, and RATM had a few weeks to build up momentum, wassit 300,000 copies apiece or there abouts? This wee venture has no chance, but its a nice song anyhoo.


  1. Stop embarrassing bands who don't appreciate being made to look stupid

  2. Don't be silly, if that were the case, why would they have joined the group?