Monday, 14 December 2009

Tied to the 00's #1

There's only a few days of this decade left, over on Facebook my old Glasgow mucker Adam J Smith is dredging his way through his analog photo collection, and sling up images of the last ten years. Whilst he has a great well of experience in the Glasgow/Motherwell music scene to dwell on, my own is a little more modest, more of a niche of my own carving.

Adam Smith and Wee Patrick of Johnny Utah and the Buckeye System
This is a photo from a rehearsal of a band I was in called Johnny Utah and The Buckeye System. We had about a dozen rehearsals, recorded no songs, and played no gigs. At the time of the photo, 2003, the lineup consisted of me, Alan Wolfknuckle Patterson, Lyndsey Smythe, Adam J Smith (here on lead guitar) and Wee Patrick (here on bass guitar). This line up lasted all of three hours as we scared off Patrick.

He went on to play in many of Glasgow's other bands, Belle and Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Clockwork Teddy Bear, Sexy Kids and The Royal We before moving to London and became the drummer in Veronica Falls that we know and love today.

Adam currently plays guitar for The Hector Collectors and does backing vocals for The Plimptons.

Actually, on checking out the old 00's internet, it turns out that Johnny Utah and The Buckeye System did actually record a demo. This is My Love For You Is Like a Running Battle, with Alan Wolfknuckle on vocals.
Johnny Utah and The Buckeye System - Running Battle by manc_ill_kid

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