Sunday, 20 December 2009

Letter to my Sixteen year old self

There's a bit of a meme going round, writing to your 16 year old self. I haven't been tagged, but I was bored in the factory during my break.

Dear Boris 1994,

Try not to freak out, but this is a letter from 15 years in the future.

Sorry we couldn't meet in person, but it doesn't work like that. Here, use these lottery numbers every week 1, 7, 22, 25, 31 and 47, it should turn out just fine.

In terms of advice, it all turn out okay, the girl on the bus is actually quite nice to talk to if you don't freak her out, and at Nosni's New Year party, hold onto the blond girl tightly.

Don't let any inhibitions stop you from doing stuff, cos frankly at your age you rule. You don't realise it but even the trendy girls think you're pretty cool too. Its not all about being cool, but until you get a degree and the internet really gets going, its all you've got.

Also, in 1998 when you bleach your hair, keep more photos, and in 2002, hold onto that blonde girl tightly too. I don't mean in the sexy sense, I mean in that knight in shining armour way you always imagine. You can't save everyone but hold onto people makes you feel better.

Oh, and while we're toying with the directions of time, put more of your nan's inheritance into gold.

Finally, if you ever see Big Tom outside a Sainsburys, give him a big manly hug. And try to stay in touch with more of you schoolfriends.

That's about all I can say right now, times will be good and times will be bad, try to remember the good times more.

See you in the mirror in fifteen years right.

Chris Gilmour 2009

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