Saturday, 30 May 2009

Theoretically possible right wing libertarians

Oh god, I just can't let it lie.

Over on Craig Murray's blog, he's posted about the libertarian bloggerything and the Political Compass (as I previous covered the other day). He says:-
... right wing libertarians, though a theoretical possibility, do not actually exist in any significant number.
So off I scamper to my spreadsheet and google, trying to find the right-wing libertarians, as certified by the Political Compass.

I found a few.

So, it all depends on Craig's definition of 'significant number'. Including dead celebs such as Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman, I can find amongst bloggery there's Guido, Charles Crawford, Devil's Kitchen, Radioactive Liberty, A Libertarian's Perspective, Mark's Any Musings and Carl-Mikael Teglund and from comments on Craig's post there's Algernon, Guy Herbert, John, Julian Gall and from the comments on Dev's coverage of the same thing last year there's Mark Wadsworth, Longrider, Cleanthes, Roger Thornhill, 'Patrick', John Trenchard.

That's nineteen, how many does he need in order to prove their theoretical existence?

Its kind of like a black swan thing I reckon.

Maybe Charles Crawford is right that the political compass is stupid. But I like to take things at face value and run with them until the wheels fall off. How come there are so few famous folk in the lower right quadrant? Is there something in the nature of frothing at the mouth 9,-9 libertarian right wingers than makes them hide away from fame, success and notoriety?

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