Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Knitting project #10 - The larger blackberry beret

In the photie I am pulling my Cats On Fire face.

Chicks will love me.

So this is my second attempt at knitting a blackberry beret, its a bit wider this time, and looks more beret-shaped than my first attempt last month.

It does however, have a hole in the top cos I'm not sure how to finish it off properly. Hopefully it will never rain when you wear this hat, otherwise you will have a very small damp patch where the rain comes in.

I hope that one day I'll find out how to finish it off properly or like I'll get some graph paper and figure it out. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong, rather than starting at the rim and working to the hub, I should be starting at the hub and working outwards to the rim.

Knitting project #10 - The larger blackberry beret


As long as I work in a process of continuous improvement, everything will be okay.

More of my knitting photies on flickr here


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