Tuesday, 26 May 2009

London Bloggers blookers?

Its that time of the month when I leave the flat and go and stand in a room full of people off of the internet.

Talks this month by Floyd Earl Smith about blogging books, he usually writes ... For Dummies books about websitey things and has sold over a million copies of his various work. Interesting stuff in the talk, how to write a blog as a book or a book as a blog, and get published. His next book is about crossing the climate change 'tipping point', which ought to be interesting. I myself have failed miserably in publishing bloggery things, and despirited enough to never try again.

Jaz from Jazamatazz spoke about Refugee Week and the Simple Acts Campaign which intends to change the way people perceive refugees, like making friends with them, trying foreign food, and so on. Refugee Week 2009 will take place from 15 - 21 June, some of the events taking place are listed here.

As is usual for me after these London Blogger Meetup, here's the first of many lists of London Bloggers that should be popping up over the London blogosphere as people write up the event, blogging about the evening, and adding to as they remember the names or find the links of people they missed.

Interesting folk I spoke to include:-
Chris qwagham
Tom from Tired of London, Tired of Life
Tom Flashboy
Andy Bargery
Aref Adib
Dr Zoe the Shaman
Bruce Bird
Alexa from Global cool
Celia Brooks Brown
People I made brief eye-contact* with include:-
Floyd Earl Smith
Jaz Refugee Week
Anthony Fresh Plastic
People who I didn't talk to or make eye contact with:-
Plummet Onions
(admittedly some of these aren't people as such, but are blogs written by people who I didn't talk to, make eye-contact with or otherwise recognise)

Ooh, on the way home, at Old Street underground, I bumped into two chums I knew from school in the 90s. Warm fuzzy feelings inside, and also nostalgic memories bubbling to the surface. Parties and underage drinking and stuff.

*I made an amusing funny, talking about running 10K by running round Regent's Park twice. The chap I was talking to pointed out that it was a bit repetitive. I responded that when you jog past someone then round the other side you jog past them again, then back on the second lap you pass them again and get the merest hint of eye-contact, its almost like going on a date.
I thought it was funny


  1. Many apologies for not seeing you last night at LBM! I got there late and caught up with a few old chums. Pop on over next time and say hi. Cheers.

  2. Nice to meet you mate. I borrowed your idea too, so thanks!

    Hope to see you at the next one.


  3. I didn't realise you were there last night! Didn't see Derry either. I blame my lack of glasses, alcohol and the fact I only ventured as far as the end of the bar at the entrance/exit!

  4. Hey Chris, thanks for your post and your act therefore too :-)


  5. Hey

    Thanks for shouting about the Simple Acts campaign – every little bit helps us hit our target of 1000 Simple Acts competed by Refugee Week (15-21 June)

    Love you lots :O)

    Simple Acts team