Friday, 15 May 2009

Job vacancies update - 14-MAY-2009

Crikey, I've been doing this for months and months now, three months in fact. So I can now bring you vague and unreliable data comparing the previous quarter.
Total vacancies are down 15% from last quarter.
Here's your regular graph showing how many job vacancies are listed on and the Job Centre Plus. A wee caveat about the JCP is that the total jobs listed on their site is updated in real time, so it varies depending on the time of day, contrast this with Reed who update their total daily.

Based on Gordon Brown saying there was 500,000 job vacancies in PMQs back in February, we can look at how the number of vacancies on the job sites have varied and we extrapolate it up to a total figure for vacancies in the UK.

All right, things have been looking up on the vacancies for the past fortnight now, green shoots indeed.

This graph shows the number of jobs listed in each sector on Its pretty difficult to see anything useful on the graph, except the descent of Graduate jobs.

This graph shows the percentage change in the number of vacancies compared with the previous month.

I'm sure you'll agree, its as near as damnit impossible to see anything on the graph. Except for if you squint slightly and see how there a little bit of an upwards trend in the swarm. Sure, most of those lines are negative, but they're less negative than they were, and there's more positive lines.

Anyhoo, the sectors that have the only growing vacancies compared to last month are:-
Actuarial 8%
Admin 5%
Hospitality 1%
Leisure and tourism 20%
Motoring and Automotive 11%
Transport and logistics 17%

The worst performing sectors are
Accountancy -15%
Engineering -18%
Strategy and consultancy -34%
Training -21%

I wonder if there's a nice way I can display all this information.
That's it for this week. Good luck with the job hunting.

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