Tuesday, 26 May 2009

My navel, it is here

Someone said I was a LibDem.

I don't recall ever asserting that I was. Its possible I guess, I've just never thought I was.

Being conservative has just always been my natural default position, until libertarianism came along.

I'm not going to rule out my LibDeminess.

This one time, when I had a job, they made everyone take the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator test thing. The tester person first explained what all the types were, then made us guess which we thought we were, then we took the test to find out what that the piece of paper said.

Out of the hundred or so people in the room, three people correctly guess their type on all four indicators, thirty or so guessed three types, forty guess two types and another handful only guessed their own personality type correctly on for one indicator. Out of the whole company, only one person was wrong about their entire personality on all four type indicators, and that was me.

So it is possible that all these years I've been innately a LibDem supporter, but voted for right-wing parties by mistake.

Just to be on the safe side, I took The Political Compass test

It looks to me like I judged my politics accurately. I'm a right-wing libertarian.

And crikey! on another page on the Political Compass website, it has the relative positions of the main UK parties. And bugger me, I'm lined up with the LibDems.

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