Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Bank holiday fun

I've been away for the past few days, driving round the south of England visiting in-laws and brethren, with only intermittent access to the internet, mostly on my blackberry.

Oh, the terror of finding people reading and commenting on my ill-advised and half-arsed rant about criticism of libertarian bloggerlists.

I've noticed a bit of a trend for people called Mark to link to this blog. It could just be co-incidence, but I'm grateful for any traffic this way regardless.

In gratitude I've added a new blogrolly thing to my sidebar specifically to blogs run by people called Mark.

I could have sworn that some other Mark linked to this site a few months back, but from scouring the internet, I can't find any signs of it. Sorry Mark.


  1. I'm Mark, too. Must be something in the water...

  2. Thanks for the blogroll link.

    I suspect that Steve Green's piss-up will be filled with Marks too. And Steves.