Friday, 1 May 2009

Blog stat pron - April

So, according to google analytics, for April, this blog got:-
927 Absolute Unique Visitors
1,823 Pageviews
Compared to March's
1,046 Absolute Unique Visitors
2,438 Pageviews
Bit of a dip from last month's titanic heights, but still healthier than in the past. I guess its cos of not so many interesting posts, well, the Ian Tomlinson things got a lot of traffic and the link baiting lists of other blogs, everyone loves those. Must try harder for original content though.

These are my top referers for April (not including google wanderers)
1. Facebook (70 visitors)
2. Twitter (50 visitors)
3. Counting Cats in Zanzibar (44 visitors)
4. Lib Dem Voice (27 visitors)
5. Bloglines (17 visitors)
6. Technorati (17 visitors)
7. Matt Wardman (16 visitors)
8. Landed Underclass (12 visitors)
9. Liberal Conspiracy (9 visitors)
10. Brian Micklethwaite (7 visitors)
So quality posts, with original content seem to be paying off in terms of visitors more than any kind of comment pieces.

Lets take a brief moment to consider which were the most viewed posts during April.
1. Facebook IQ test gubbins (181 views)
2. Liberty or Dearth (89 views)
3. Locations of cameras round Cornhill (68 views)
4. Guide to doing animations on Windows Movie Maker (45 views)
5. Origami instructions (33 views)
6. Final moments of Ian Tomlinson (32 views)
7. Breast Cancer Bloggery (30 views)
8. Last month's blog stat pron (28 views)
9. Facebook Scramble graphs (22 views)
10. Facebook Scrambles statistics (21 views)

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