Tuesday, 19 January 2010

World Saving Product Idea #58

Is there a market niche for a cheap(ish) and scalable software MRPII system? Kind of like Sage 50 but more geared towards manufacturing companies.

Out of the box it'll have all the tables and columns you'll ever need, all the forms and reports and queries and graphs. And with a standard right-click you can hide anything that doesn't seem relevant. And an easy way to add new fields, that get's reported back to the folk who've written it so we know what features get used the most and which are used least and what new features the users would like to have.

So, you can use it for your home kitchen, for recipes and what's in the pantry, and then it's good for small hi-fi manufacturing companies and nationwide chains of cafes.

Can we do it in Ruby? And make it so it runs on Firefox, Explorer, Safari and Chrome and if you so desire it'll look just like Sage and Access too.

Can it have the same sort of revision thing as Ubuntu, so it just works and then a year later it works even better with more features and more users. Each release could have a funny name so that geeks and non-geeks will learn to love it.

Can I get a grant from the BCC and some code-monkey's who'll just make it happen under my benevolent dictation. How about a pricing structure where its free, up until you've got 20,000 entries then it's £50, and then £500 after 100,000 entries.

Will Dr. Peter Ball be proud of me?


  1. what a great idea man. I live in India and for no less than £1 a week, I can programme this for yu in Arjibarji, a cutting edge new language. I only ask that you please let me come to stay in your house in uk.

  2. Lousy spec, especially if you want so called 'code monkeys' to do the dirty work of putting it together for you. You'd end up with a right mess.

    Nice blog by the way.