Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Year's Resolutions status update

So, after a week, how have I been getting on with my New Year's resolutions:-
  • Play a gig in London
    Haven't even touched my guitar this year, but I did promise my girlfriend I'd write a song about her.
  • Find a job
    Updated my CV once and had a look at
  • Build my own audio pre amp
    Had a look on Maplin and RS com for that preamp kit they used to sell.
  • 100+ pageviews a day here
    Did it for a few days, but it's kind of tailed off now. Having said that, average views has gone up from 70-ish last month to 85 this year.
  • Reduce my debts by more than 50%
    Jesus wept, the other day my gas got connected again, and I ended up spending £8 on one day's worth of heating. £8, that's like two hours work for me. So I'm going to have to wear my warm clothes in the house more and turn the heating off.
  • Mercilessly crush my enemies
    I did a bit of a project plan for this, but have failed to identify any realistic external enemies.
  • Run 10K in less that 25 minutes
    Its a bit cold out, but I did see my running shoes in my wardrobe the other day.

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