Wednesday, 27 January 2010

More excessive money extraction

BBC has The AA saying 'increased profits from VAT on fuel' should be diverted to fixing pot holes.

I disagree.

Rather than just extracting more money from the denizens of this fair isle perhaps VAT on fuel could be reduced to help out the consumer and instead the money the government collects from the population and then doles out to anti-motoring charities could be diverted to fixing potholes first.

Fakecharities reckons:-

To this I add:-
  • Road Safety Foundation who were mentioned in the BBC report, their website financial statement has them getting £127,126 from the Department of Transport in the guise of the Highways Agency.

Sure, trying to stop people being killed by cars is a noble endevour, but road deaths are at their lowest level ever, so surely now's a fine time to reduce the state funding for such organisations, so they can thrive on voluntary donations from people who's lives they've touched.

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