Thursday, 21 January 2010

London Indiepop EyeSpy

1. Points given for Eye-Spying Indiepop people in and around London
2. No points for yourself
3. You don't get points for the same Spyee twice
4. Points are awarded at the first instance
5. Double points for sleeping with, having sex with, or assaulting the Spyee
6. Final score for any 24 hour period

All rules are debatable

Other rules
7. Extra half point if the Spyee is doing their shopping in a supermarket
8. Extra point if they're wearing a hipster stripey top
9. Minus points for considering talking to the Spyee, but not following through
10. No points for spotting bands at their own gig

Bands and Artists
Pocketbooks - 4 points per member
The Loves - 3 points per member/former member
The Bobby McGees - 3 points per member (no points for calling Jimmy Bobby)
MJ Hibbett and the Validators - 3 points per member
Tender Trap - 2 points per member
Moustache of Insanity - 2 points per member
Allo Darlin - 2 points per member
Veronica Falls - 2 points per member
Arthur and Martha - 2 points per member
Electrophonvintage - 2 points per member
White Town - 2 points per member
Darren Hayman - 2 points per member
Comet Gain - 1 point per member

Kitten Painting - 3 points
Bob Underexposed - 3 points
Ill and Ancient - 1 point
John Marshall - 2 points
Nat Davis - 3 points
Camilla - 3 points

Trevor OddBox - 2 points
String Bean Jen - 2 points
Ian HDIF - 3 points
TomB - 3 points
The Twee As Fuck ladies - 2 points
Anastacsia So Tough So Cute Baby Honey - 2 points
Rory So Tough So Cute Baby Honey - 1 point
Crystalball - 3 points
El Presidente - 1 point
Team Come Out 2Nite - 2 points per member

Rocker Rosehip - 3 points
Steve Lemaqc - 4 points

Anyone I've missed or incorrectly allocated points, let me know in the comments.


  1. So who's up for 6 points tonight?

  2. don't go punching me to get that magic six points!

  3. How many points for pointing out that there isn't a Stacy So Tough So Cute or a Rory So Tough So Cute but that there is a Daniel So Tough! So Cute! and a Rory and Anastasia Baby Honey?

  4. is that 2 points for the entire team come out 2nite? or do we get individual points too? ;)

  5. Don't want to say too much but...

    Pic 'n' Mixx on Saturday 29th May might be the world-record for points:

    Also I want to be famous enough to count. I haven't earned it quite yet though, I do accept.

    Excellent work.