Saturday, 9 January 2010

List of internety bloggy things to do

  1. Write a deep and personal blog post that begins with the phrase "I'm a troubled soul..." And then goes on to cover my recent lack of going to gigs, the triumphant return of The Yummy Fur, that Mars Hotel gig in 2002 and my job's horrendous working hours and conditions.
  2. Some kind of website where you pay me £10 and I send you something cool in the post every week for X weeks.
  3. Some kind of website like FreeCycle but for services rather than goods.
  4. Blogpost with the top three of my 365 Days photos.
  5. Another blogpost about that Academies International Scam where I write about the people the have giving testimonials.
  6. Start doing those blogposts where its a list of links and include that Dick Puddlecote one about alcohol, with the Tim Worstall quote.
  7. Scan in and post the Mr ToiletRoll sex photos from 1999.
  8. Long blogpost about manufacturing and databases and availability of information, basically ranting about things that annoy me at work and how Linn Products really know how to have a great MRPII system and its given me an unrealistic view of the world.
  9. Come up with an idea for what a website called Indie Central Tonight would actually be about.

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