Thursday, 28 January 2010

Mission Impossible at work

I don't really like my job, its frustrating, and difficult, the hours are crap and have killed off my social life. The pay is crap too, I barely scrape by.

Right now I'm working night shifts, 10pm to 6am. My manager quit today, and the replacement manager chap had a heart attack two days ago and won't be bacl any time soon.

Paperwork is a large part of my job, filling in endless check sheets, writing lists and lists and lists. Hours spent filing away documents in shelves and shelves of folders. It could all be so much easier and quicker with a bit of IT, a database, a big old MRPII system, anything but these endless forms and checksheets and filing.

This sentiment you regular readers were already familiar with. But this evening I stagger into the factory to find the office I use is no more. It has been moved and rebuilt on a higher floor of the factory. All new shiney desks and new shelves.

But sadly the dayshift people seem to have lost a printer, or failed to hook up this damned computer to any printer in the building. I cannot now even print any of the damned checklists, instead I must write them out, copying them off the computer screen in longhand.

I work in two offices and now neither of them have any access to any printers.

Its like they've made it impossible to do my job.

But not quite. There is no 'they', there's no manager with a plan, no conspiracy. Its just happened that my role is almost impossible.

should I just quit, walk out because the job has become almost impossible? Am I a quitter? Or should I persevere with writing things out in longhand, or try to find another computer with access to the appropriate drives, or some convoluted process of emailing the paperwork to myself on some other computer, some other office and print it out there.

At what point do you draw the line and say fuck this shit?

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