Monday, 18 January 2010

World-saving product idea #57

In amongst the climategate, Patchygate and glaciergate contoversies which have stripped Climate Change of all it's data integrity, there has occasionally been reference to these two facts:-
A) weather is not climate
B) airport weather stations aren't ideal for measuring climate

So my idea for a thing that could save the world is a little internet aware climate monitoring station. Just a wee box with flashing lights that you can buy for your cousin or your gran for their birthday. Its got a thermometer, a GPS tracker, GPRS, humidity thing, sunlight sensor and whatever else you want or need to track the climate.

Its all hooked up to a website which tracks climate change, so that from this point onwards, regardless of the past, you'll have crowd-sourced data you can depend on. The website will have a big map on it so you can zoom in to see where the climate change boxes are located, where there's loads of them, where there's none. Geo-caching folk could send them out to sparser regions, schools could could sponsor units in developing countries or on cargoships

From the website you could see if neighbouring ones have vastly different readings and in real-time you could wander over and find out why.

The information would all be there, at your fingertips. No doubt about data processing biases or loast data from years ago.

£20 and it could be yours.

Dear Lazyweb, make it so.

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